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    Nathan Wolfe

 Class A PGA Professional

  • Assistant Professional CC of Paducah 2005-2009

Have attended the Jim McLean golf school (private instruction), David Leadbetter golf school (private instruction), Lynn Blake (private instruction).
I'm not going to tell you a lot about me, but instead I want write about my ideas, my current view of today's instruction, and share some thoughts as to why I think the general player isn't improving.

About Me

As soon as I started the game I feel in love with studying the golf swing in every aspect. This led me into studying every instruction method I could get my hands on. What I realized after years of studying is, there is a lot of poor articles, books and information out there about this game. Some information is good, some is ok, and some is so far off base that people should be arrested for publishing it.

Most information is instant gratification, trying to get you to buy a magazine, DVD, or book. Give me a break! I look at magazines as comic relief mostly. I see articles one month with a magic move giving you 30 more yards, the following month another article promises 30 more yards, but the information contradicts last month's information. If you gained 30 yards for every magazine you own that has it printed on the cover then most people should drive the ball about 1,000 yards off the tee.
Most tips or articles I see would not help 1 in 100 people strike the ball better. I like my chances of improving someone's swing much more than that.

I have spent time with many of the most popular instructors in the game today, Jim McLean, Lynn Blake, instructors from The David Leadbetter golf academy, Jim Hardy, etc. I don't teach any of their specific methods, but find it very important to understand their teaching methods.

Lessons, why do you need them?

Most people need lessons because the set of clubs they bought don't have any instructions included with them. If you plan on going out and learning to play golf on your own then you are about to experience lots of frustration. I can help you. I can help you understand how you should swing. You have to understand how you want your swing to work.

If you try to try to learn from magazines, books or DVD's then you are likely to be chasing down incorrect information, or trying tips that you shouldn't be. Every article doesn't apply to everyone's swing.
Most people will spend $500 dollars on a driver, and not a nickel on their swing.

Are you tired of changing your swing thought every week, every hole, or every ball? Many people try 60 swing thoughts while hitting a bucket of 60 balls. That needs to stop! When is the last time you hit 3 or 4 shots in a row that looked identical?

Why aren't you improving?

Most players have a hard time getting better for a number of reasons. First off most players don't know what they are doing, and they don't know how to fix what it is. Second, players normally are not willing to sacrifice the feeling of uncomfortable for a period of time to improve. When you work on your swing it isn't going to feel like normal or you haven't made any changes. If your swing needs work then it needs to change, thus it had better feel uncomfortable for a little while.


My teaching philosophy is very simple. I believe in building a swing from the correct setup. I want the player setup in a position that requires minimum movement during the swing, while obtaining maximum club head speed. The less moving parts the more consistent a player can be. The reduction of side to side motion helps players develop a consistent bottom to the swing arc. If the bottom of the swing arc repeats than you are able to become a great ball striker.

There are 2 types of swings. Some players start from a setup (body shape) that requires them to move into a completely different position (body shape) at impact.
You see this type of swing often with tour players, not all of them but a lot of them. Why? Because there swings are built while hitting 1,000 balls a day, while playing 18 or 36 holes a day. Do you have that much time on your hands? I didn't think so.

My teaching philosophy is to reduce the need for great timing in the swing. Minimum movement, maximum club head speed, similar body shape at address and impact. Every player has a radius that I would like to stay consistent during the swing.

Misunderstood topics

Swing Plane

Everybody has a different swing plane, but every player has their own correct swing plane. The more your swing swings on its correct plane the more repeatable the bottom of your arc will become. All great ball strikers know where the bottom of the arc is.

Weight Transfer

Weight transfer is so misunderstood. I don't say weight transfer, I prefer the word pressure! You can move a lot and not transfer any weight. You can move just a little and create a lot of pressure!


Turn is one of the most over taught terms in golf, and it is likely hurting your swing if you are thinking about it. What feels like a turn probably isn't. Most people have too many moving parts in their swing.


Trying to get extra width normally is the first thing that disrupts a player's radius. Wide backswings aren't the key to more power.


Some players try to increase the arc for more power but they find it produced inconsistency in where there arc bottoms out. Two things normally result. Trying to make a bigger arc can cause too much movement off the ball. Or it can cause a player to have an inconsistent radius from swing to swing.
Every decent swing has a arc, width, and leverage. These very depending on the players build. For example a taller player normally has a bigger arc, more width and more leverage than a shorter player.

I hope you have enjoyed this. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and I hope that you can tell how passionate I am about helping others improve. I hope you come see me. I can help you!

Final thoughts

If you give me your swing to shape the way I want then the goal is this. I want you to hit shots time after time that are solid, that are loud, that have a repeatable ball flight, that produce at repeatable trajectory , that have compression, that stop on the green, and that have distance. I want you to own your golf swing. I want you to go to bed at night knowing the next morning that you don't have to worry about your golf swing.

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