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    Nick Mills

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Class A PGA Professional

Nick began in the retail golf business in 1988. Being around the game and being a competitive amateur, he took great interest in golf equipment and the golf swing. Upon taking instruction from Todd Trimble that interest grew. With a better understanding of the golf swing Nick became a better player, eventually finding success in local, state, and national amateur events. He now uses his knowledge gained in the golf business, competition, and of the golf swing as an instructor for The Golf Complex.

Teaching Philosophy

After ten years of teaching and over 2500 different students, I have certainly seen many different golf swings. With this experience, studying the golf swing all my life, and studying how to teach golf to anyone I have developed a teaching philosophy I feel allows anyone to benefit from my coaching.

First I do believe that anyone can improve their golf game in many different ways. I do not believe there is a perfect swing or any perfect method. Everyone has their own physical characteristics and capabilities and golf instruction should adapt to those. I do not believe with any one part of the swing there is one "right" and everything else is "wrong" but there is a "window" that is acceptable and we should strive to be in that window.

I want to know the student's current game and where he/she wants it to go. I want to know what the student expects of his/herself and what they expect of me. I want to know their current ball flight and what they would like to see. What are their strengths and weaknesses? How often do they get to play and practice and will this change? Once this information is shared we can develop a plan to improve their game.

I hope to give the student the physical, technical, and mental points to improve and show them how they are done. I also strive to teach the student a level of self analysis and the proper way to practice. I feel it is part of my job as an instructor to help the student learn to teach him/herself. I work hard to remain in contact with my students when they are not in my teaching bay via email and phone to keep up with their progress and offer help along the way.

Golf is a game of a lifetime and takes some level of commitment to improve and even maintain a desired level of play. Anyone can improve and thus enjoy the game more and that enjoyment should be the goal.


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